Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ben Stiller

It has got to be really awesome to be one of Ben Stiller's friends.

A few years ago, Ben Stiller directed a sitcom pilot for Fox called Heat Vision and Jack, starring none other than Jack Black. It was never picked up, and I had never heard of it until recently. But, thanks to the anti-memory hole that is the Internet, it has recently resurfaced. (watch it here). So, I downloaded it and watched it. I quickly discovered the reason it was never picked up. It was terrible.

The show was supposed to be a parody of 80s cheese action shows, like The A-Team and especially Night Rider. But they played it wayyy too straight. Instead of being funny for making fun of those shows, it was intentionally unintentionally funny. Which just doesn't work. The pilot is amusing, but there's no way I would have watched the show on a regular basis.

Anyway, back to my original point. In the show, Jack Black gets to make out with Ben Stiller's incredibly hot wife, Christine Taylor. That got me to thinking about how that's a pretty common occurrence in Stiller's projects. Vince Vaughn got to in Dodgeball. So did Owen Wilson in Zoolander. I know that people married to actors have to get used to their spouse kissing other people as part of the roles. But there's a big difference between not minding it and actively casting your wife to swap spit with one of your friends.

Anyway, Ben, if you're reading this, I'm available if you need a geek with no acting experience for your next movie . . .


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