Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Race for Governor of Alabama

Ah, how fun is politics in Alabama? We have a Republican candidate who thinks that homosexuals deserve the death penalty and who was already booted from his previous office for violating a federal court order over a two-ton rock. We also have a Democratic candidate who just doesn't see why a little thing like an indictment and trial should get in the way of his campaign. This is normally the point where I'd say "Vote Libertarian", but it turns out that the Libertarian candidate doesn't wear panties.

So, although he certainly hasn't been the greatest governor, I'm on the re-elect Riley bandwagon, just on the shear principal that he's the only one who wouldn't be an embarrassment to the state.


Anonymous Stephen Gordon said...

So you wish to vote for the "tax cutter" who planned and promoted the biggest tax increase in state history?

Who are you to set the underwear standards for candidates? Even Bill Clinton was allowed to make a decision between boxers and briefs.

5/20/2006 01:08:00 AM  
Blogger BigX said...

*walks in with bag made out of carpet*
Of course there are other options...
Failing that however, go Riley I guess. I had the pleasure of meeting him at his mansion a year and half ago at his christmas party (I was taking pictures) and he seemed like a reasonable enough guy, except he looks too much like a politician...if that makes sense. He's also a Lowder tool, and quite likely an alien(got his human-politician suit on wholesale). Funny story from that party actually...there was this fine little teenage daughter of some mayor there, bored out of her mind. She must have been no older than 15, and by the end of the night she was just sitting on those stairs(the ones in the front foyer that you always see) by herself waiting for the dull ass party to end. Well, I don't know who it was, but some sophisto good ole boy old guy stumbles up to her DRUNK as anything, and was all like "Hey what er yooo doin over 'ere all by yourself? Hey boy! Come over here an take our picture!" At this point he stumbles in to the dangerously designed garlands on the banister, knocking a candle over and spilling melted wax all over this poor girl. She screamed, but it was a pretty loud party, so nobody really noticed...she was all pissed off but the guy must have been important because he just kind of shrugged and stumbled off. For a second I thought she was going to catch on fire and I'd have to put her out...and then probably be lynched. Later that night I was getting my picture taken with him (after all the guests had left of course) and he asked where I was from and shook my hand. When I said New Hampshire he recoiled... "Well we'll see what we can do about that." He was full of shit though, because at that point in time I WAS trying to become a citizen and having quite a time with it...had to marry me a bonified Alabama Citizen to get that done. So yeah...Go Riley.

5/20/2006 01:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Mark Bodenhausen said...

How can you support a candidate based on what brand of underwear, if any, they wear? Aren't you embarrased by Riley's legal but not so ethical behavior in the weeks leading up to election day 2002? It ranks right up there with his "fiscally conservative" $1.2B tax hike and support for Alabama's silly vibrator ban.

In Riley's 2000 Congressional race, he garnered less than 17% of the Black vote. The polls in Alabama showed him neck and neck with the now indicted ex-governor, and the campaigning was frantic. Hoping to boost his percentages in the minority neighborhoods, a meeting was arranged with about a dozen Black pastors. In the secretly videotaped meeting in Birmingham Riley promised the assembled group a GOTV drive that consisted of what was pretty much blank check sent from the RNC. The idea was to put folks in Riley T-shirts and holding up signs at polling places in minority neighborhoods for pay, along with extra money for "other expenses". The amount reportedly spent was close to $1 million, consisting mainly of all-cash disbursements to "campaign workers". The plan reeks like yesterday's trash.

Video tapes of the shakedown exist if you want to see and hear him sell himself to gain votes in the Black community. We know the Democrats regularly send out supporters with "walking around money", a practice where "campaign workers" give voters $5 to help persuade minority voters to support them, but I never would have expected the Republicans to stoop so low to get a vote.

I think Lucy Baxley gets her underwear from Victoria's Secrets...maybe you should consider voting for her instead.

5/20/2006 01:42:00 AM  
Blogger wiley said...


#1. The panties thing was a joke. That's actually a fantastic story to support her primary issue, prison reform. But lets face it, Loretta Nall is a fringe candidate, even for a Libertarian. Her support for legalization of marijuana and gay marriage basically ensure that she could never be elected in this state. And, while I'm not saying I dissagree with her on those matters, I just cannot get behind her rediculous Initiative and Referendum policy.

#2 "I never would have expected the Republicans to stoop so low". See Hunt, Guy. Also remember that the current Republican party is really just an outgrowth of the old Southern Democrat party, which was one of the most corrupt political institutions in the country's history.

I have no illusions about Riley's hands being clean, and he did make a huge blunder with the proposed tax hike, but he has done a lot to help grow the economy. Of course its debatable how much is due to him and how much is due to a more national upturn, but other than the tax thing (which was voted down) he hasn't done much to hinder it either. And "he looks too much like a politician"? I really don't see whats wrong with that. It's better than having someone who stumbles over simple words and looks ill-at-ease in a suit (not, apparently, that it can stop you from becoming president).

#3 Lucy Baxley. My father (who works in Montgomery for the state) is a supporter of her. But to be honest, I know virtually nothing about her other than her I *heart* Lucy campaign. If she were to beat out Seigalman for the democratic nod, I'd certainly look into her more deeply (including her underwear preferences). But, in June I'm going to be voting in the Republican primary because thats where most of the local races that I care about are being fought, and also because I have to vote against Roy Moore.

5/20/2006 09:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Missy said...

Lucy's nice... I know nothing about her politically but she's a good friend of my Step-grandmother.

I hate politics, by the way :(

5/24/2006 12:30:00 PM  

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