Thursday, June 02, 2005

I always thought it was Linda Lovelace myself

I've been following the whole revelation of Deep Throat's identity news story pretty closely these past couple of days.  It turns out that the secret informant who helped bring down a president was none other that Mark Felt (who?), the number two man at the FBI.  He has always been on the short list of suspects, but his name never has as much sex appeal as the heavy hitters like Alexander Haig or Pat Buchanan.  The coverage has been . . . . interesting.  I don't know what I expected, but this wasn't it.  I guess I really expected it to be a "really big deal" rather than just a "huh, that's interesting" kind of thing.  I guess time does heal all wounds.  Still, I feel that it really says something about our culture when Deep Throat takes second fiddle to the Michael Jackson trial.

What I've been most surprised by is the anti-Deep Throat reaction.  I guess that I've been brainwashed by All The President's Men and the like, but I've never even really considered that Deep Throat was anything other than someone who was trying to right a serious wrong in the government.  I know we live in very conservative times, and I do know people who to this day claim that Nixon was a completely innocent  and great man brought down by an out of control liberal media, but I had thought that the nation as a whole had come to terms with the fact that Nixon had done some very inappropriate things and that the final resolution to the Watergate scandal was the right thing to do.

With that said, some of the anti-Throat people that the media are dragging up might not be the best voices of reason on the subject.  I was flipping around  yesterday and came across G. Gordon Liddy on MSNBC explaining how unethical and immoral a thing that Mark Felt had done.  (Quick history lesson for the kiddies: Liddy was the guy who actually broke into the Watergate hotel).

At any rate, let's get cracking on what's really important.  A 30th anniversary special edition of All the President's Men with all new special features on Felt!


Blogger wiley said...

This is a link to Bob Woodward's article on Mark Felt. Very interesting.

6/03/2005 10:29:00 AM  

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