Thursday, June 09, 2005

post by: Ima Freak

In case you guys haven't noticed, I've got some pretty severe anti-social tendencies.

"Nooo Wiley, say it ain't so!"

While I'm very aware that its not that healthy, its something that I've come to accept about myself.  But every now and then I have a moment when I have to step back and say "Wow, am I really that bad?"

I took my car into the shop yesterday (the check engine light was on, and checking oil and other fluids is about all I know in regards to car maintenance).  I was sitting in the waiting room with my iPod plugged securely in my ears, listing to a podcast of This Week in Tech when an old woman walked in and sat down across from me.  I of course ignored her, opening a copy of USA Today to make it as obvious as possible that I was occupied.  But then one of the shop guys came in to ask me something, so I had to let my guard down for a moment, and as soon as the guy left, she pounced.  Now let me be clear, there was nothing wrong with her.  She was actually very nice and also intelligent (usually not the case from random strangers that you meet in a waiting room).   But the whole time there was a voice  in my head screaming, "WHY WON'T THIS STUPID BITCH SHUT UP!!!"  There was a much smaller voice going "Jesus, Wiley, WTF is wrong with you?"

At any rate, my momma raised me right, so I just sat there and was very polite, until they told her that her car was ready (about 20 minutes later), at which point I just about collapsed from the relief of her being gone.



Blogger FJEastman said...

See, if I had an iPod maybe I'd get in fewer of those conversations.

But I've got a towering demeanor and fiercely glowering expression on my side.

I'd still like an iPod, though.

6/14/2005 09:50:00 AM  

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