Friday, August 12, 2005

'splain me this

For the past several years, I've done nothing but blast LCD monitors for low refresh rates, blurred motion, poor black levels, and less bang for your buck vs. CRT monitors. This is mostly BS. These things were certainly true as recently as five years ago, but, truthfully, LCD monitors are probably better now than their CRT equivalents. So, I've giving up my diatribe and am looking to purchase one as part of my previously mentioned computer upgrade. I have decided that I want a 20 inch, Widescreen monitor. This will be plenty big enough to fit on my desk without being overwhelming, and I heart widescreen.

After doing a little research it seems to me that the top manufacturers of such a product are Dell and Apple. You can look at Dell's here, and Apple's here. Now this is what I need explained to me. I can buy Dell's monitor for $550. Or I can buy Apple's for $800. Now, certainly Apple's is a much better looking device, plus it is a Firewire/USB hub (the dell just has USB). But other than that, please look at the technical specs and explain why Apple's is $250 more. Even though I would like to, I'm not sure that I can warrant spending an extra two fifty on 'pretty'.


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