Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hook 'Em

I've always liked the University of Southern California's football
program. They have great tradition and a great team. And they
whipped Auburn's butt twice, which of course gets my respect. I also
do not blame them in any way for the giant screw-job the BCS did to
Auburn last year. But I am sooooo glad that Texas beat them in the
Rose Bowl.

I have no special love for UT. In fact, I still kind of hold a grudge
about them stealing our defensive coordinator last year. I also have
absolutely no respect for the Big 12, which is probably a worse
conference than the Big East. Maybe even the WAC.

So why am I glad Texas won? It was that idiotic 10 part series that
ESPN did last week where they decided that USC could beat any of the
top 10 college football teams of all time. How could you declare this
USC team the third best team ever when they haven't even won the
championship yet?

So good job Texas. Thank you for making all of the talking heads on
ESPN look stupid (not that they'll ever admit it).


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