Monday, February 06, 2006

Lied to Again!!!

I've been living in Huntsville for a little over two years now.  In that time, snow has been forecast about 7 or 8 time.  Each and every time, it has failed to snow.  It did flurry once, but that's it.  You think that I'd learn my lesson after a little while, but I get my hopes up every time.

I know that those of my readers who live in places where it snows often are sitting there thinking that it sounds like a pretty good problem to have.  But, dammit, I like the snow.  I don't want to be whited out for a week or anything, but a good dusting every now and then would be nice.

But, even though I'm a couple of hundred miles north of where I used to live, I'm still in Alabama, and I guess I'm stuck with just a miserable cold rain.


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