Saturday, September 30, 2006

Media Bias

I normally try to avoid complaining about how the sports media is "out to get us".  I'm sure that any Auburn fans who watched College Football Gameday this morning were screaming at the TV as the three hosts came to a consensus agreement that Auburn most definitely was not the second best team in the nation.  But, honestly, after the last two games I don't think that we are either.  And, really, most teams feel that way at one point or another.  I've read many letters to the editor from fans of Ohio St., LSU, Miami, Florida St., and other schools that have had fantastic success yet still feel that the media is trying to hold them down.

But astute readers will notice a key word in the previous paragraph.  That word is "most".  There are a couple of teams that the media does love without reservation.  Teams like Notre Dame, USC, and, especially, the University of Alabama.

I'm watching the Alabama/Florida game.  It is currently halftime with Alabama up 10-7.  On the whole, Alabama has looked like the better team.  And I have learned many interesting facts.  Did you know that Alabama reciever Tyrone Prothro was "without question, the best player in the SEC" before his injury.  Or that Mike Shula was "one of the top coaches in the SEC", with a 5 minute discourse defending his decisions in the final minutes and overtime of the Arkansas game last weekend (Run up the middle 3 times and let your kicker who has already missed twice try a 45 yarder.  Brilliant!!).  But my personal favorite was when they favorably compared QB John Parker Wilson to Tom Brady.

But, as I often say to anyone who starts complaining about the media, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, as long as Auburn wins, I'm happy.  Especially when that win will be the fifth in a row over a rival at Jordan-Hare Stadium West (located in beautiful Tuscaloosa, AL).


Anonymous Andrew Page said...

Gotta love the ending to the Bama game, after hearing what was said at half time. I didn't watch the game, I was at the beach. Anyways, what is up with the SEC, Arkansas got smashed by USC then comes in and plays like an above average team in the SEC. there is no consistancy with anyone, and it's impossible to pick who the best team is since they all play up and down every week. Still the media bias is definite where Notre Dame is concerned, I said from the start of the year that they were the most over-rated team in the nation.

10/04/2006 09:51:00 AM  

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