Thursday, July 20, 2006

All That Is Old Is New Again

So, just in case you haven't heard, I live in Auburn again. I have somehow managed to squeeze into my closet of a condominium. I have to move the bed to get to the closet, but it works. Its amazing how quickly I've gotten back in the old habits. For instance, I'm a long shower kind of guy. Twenty minutes is nothing for me. But my hot water heater here is in proportion to the rest of the apartment, so I've only got about ten minutes of hot water. 15 if you're willing to go luke-warm, which I'm certainly not (scalding hot and knock you down pressure is the only way to go). But I haven't gotten caught with shampoo in my hair yet.

Also, the one-basin sink thing means that you can't allow dishes to pile up or your sink is quickly rendered useless. So I've gotten back in the habit of washing dishes as I use them. That's definitely a good thing, but its something I haven't had to worry about for a few years.

I've also become a regular handy-man. I replaced the ratty carpet with hardwood laminate flooring last month before I moved in. Since arriving, I've run piping to my refrigerator to hook up an ice maker. I have installed a garbage disposal. I have put up more shelves to store the excessive number of books I own. I put up curtains.

So, anyway, sorry for the mundane update, but that's what I've been doing for the last week or so.


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