Friday, June 09, 2006

Now That's How It's Done

The MTV Movie Awards is so much better than the Oscars that it's not even funny.

And this is coming from an avowed MTV hater.  I only watch MTV twice a year, once for the movie awards and again for the music awards.  Other than that, well, lets just say that I harbor secret fantasies of finding the Real World house and piping gas in while they're asleep.

But they do know how to throw a party.

Now I'm not saying that their choice of winners is the greatest (Wedding Crashers best picture?  I mean I liked it, but still . . .).  But they do understand how to present everything in such a slick fashion.  I mean, even the banter between award presenters is funny!

I think that the real difference is that the MTV producers realize that movies are first and foremost entertainment.  Hollywood people sometimes get their heads stuck so far up their own asses about their 'art' that they forget that fact.  At the MTV awards everything from the presenters to the clips and montages to the acceptance speeches themselves are so much more irreverent and playing to the crowd.  And that makes it so much more watchable.

And, you know what, I take back what I said about the winners.  At least the best movie that I saw last year, Sin City, was nominated for an MTV award!


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