Friday, April 28, 2006


The other day I just happened to be perusing the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and found this very interesting document.  Did you know that the average sentence for arson is 60 months?  Or that the average sentence for sexual assault is 73 months?  Counterfeiting is 12 months and auto theft is 60.

Given these guidelines, it certainly makes perfect sense that under a new bill being introduced to Congress that you can get 10 years (120 months) for small scale, non-commercial copyright infringement*.  I mean, sharing a few songs or movies is the moral equivalent of kidnapping/hostage taking (also 120 months), isn't it?

There is only one thing about this that I find kind of strange.  The average sentence for burglary is just 24 months.  So, you'd be better off robbing Best Buy than using Bit Torrent.

*Yes, I know that I'm comparing a maximum sentence to average sentences, but still . . .


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