Sunday, March 26, 2006


Coming into this weekend, I thought I was pretty hot stuff. In my NCAA Bracket, I had 12 of my Sweet 16 teams survive the first round. That also included 7 of my Elite 8's and all of my Final 4's. I was expecting eternal fame and glory, and kicking myself for not putting any money on it.

After this weekend of games, that pretty much all went to hell. I was pretty happy on Thursday. I correctly called LSU to upset Duke, and for UCLA to top Gonzaga, both of which went against conventional wisdom. Then my teams started falling. I watched as, one by one, my Final Four teams dropped out. Boston College. Texas. UConn. UCLA did make it through the weekend, but I didn't have them making the Championship Game, so they won't earn me any more points.

Oh well, at least I didn't do as badly as last year when I lost to my friend Frank, who was only in my league because I wanted an even number of people playing and who picked teams pretty much at random.

But still. George Mason. Really?


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