Friday, November 18, 2005

Thank God for Bama

Thank God for Bama. They are our purifying filter as they siphon out all the redneck, uneducated, crystal meth producers in "Alabama the Beautiful." The legend of the Bear is like a mosquito zapper for white trash, sucking them in and metaphorically killing them by trapping them in a past of tradition and a future of mediocrity, and we here at Auburn are better because of it. Being a Bama fan in Alabama is like being in a really inane and incredibly ignorant cult, while we, the Auburn fans, kind of step back and say, "Are you guys kidding?" and watch them go crazy and know that while we're not the majority we'll probably have more fulfilling lives and at the very least not have to remove our own manlihood to appease a spaceman living in Haley's commit (or the Bear in this instance). Yes we should all be thankful for Bama, our clean ventilation, or else we would be stuck breathing dirty air here in East Alabama.

**Can't claim this one.  Stolen from here.**


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